Villa Elina Bali

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Villa Elina, Kayuputih/Lovina, North Bali



location mapWelcome to the authentic location part of Bali.

Villa Elina is located in the North of Bali, the area of Bali where you can still relax, far from the hectic crowds of the south. In this mountainous area you will find pristine nature and many beautiful waterfalls, rural Bali still has large stretches of tropical forests.

Here you will also find the oldest ruins of temples with impressive sculptures, the one and only Buddhist temple of the island and natural hot springs. The Bali Sea is the home of hundreds of dolphins that visit the shores every day. If you sail out in an outrigger around sunrise you can witness them playing and tumbling through the water.

Although Lovina forms the part of Bali that doesn’t have mass tourism yet, that still embraces the colorful traditions of the Balinese culture, the beach areas are very attractive too with many excellent restaurants, bars and shops.

There are lovely bistro’s where you can enjoy cool fruit cocktail’s decorated with sweet smelling frangipani flowers .

The North of Bali is a perfect destination for families, friends and anyone who prefers a relaxing holiday with enough opportunities to indulge in the culture and nature of the northern area of Bali, and beyond.